New website coming soon

We are currently working on introducing a brand new website with up-to-date information about our projects and with a simple way of signing up for our classes. In the meantime, we continue to work as usual. If you are interested in OL tutoring in Latin or ancient Greek, please email us at academic@oxfordlatinitas.org and our teachers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Active Latin – paper presented to Oxford Classics Faculty

This paper was given on 1st February 2021 as part of a seminar series called Teaching Classical Literature in Oxford, organised by the Languages and Literature sub-faculty for faculty members to present talks about how they teach different Greats papers. All Classics...

Active Latin at Jesus College

Over the past couple of years we have been moving steadily towards closer engagement with the spoken element of Latin teaching. This stems from our commitment to giving our students the highest quality language teaching, and is based on the philosophy of active...

Lumen Litterarum: MT6

We are continuing our series of special topics seminars, Lumina Litterarum, with a new instalment on Saturday, November 21, at 12:00 UK time. Join us for a discussion of the Ilias Latina, a woefully underrated first-century translation of Homer’s epic. The...

Lumen Litterarum: MT5

Delve into the geometric construction of the elements in Plato’s Timeaus with us this Saturday, November 14, at 12:00, in our second special topics seminar dedicated to the Platonic solids! The session will be conducted in Latin. All are welcome! Zoom link:...

Lumen Litterarum: MT3

Join us this Saturday, October 31, at 12:00 (BST) for a discussion of the Platonic solids and the geometry of the universe! The text will be Plato’s Timaeus. This is the third in our series of special topics seminars, Lumina Litterarum. The sessions are...

Registration for Michaelmas classes now open!

We are pleased to announce that the registration for our Michaelmas (11th October – 5th December) online classes has just opened! For the first time, we will be offering language classes suitable for all levels of both Latin and ancient Greek! We are also introducing...

Summer Schools are over!

Our inaugural summer schools were a great joy for teachers and students alike! Student testimonies: “I cannot recommend the Oxford Latinitas Project enough, I wish I had known about this sooner…the classes were very diverse with a wide range of ages,...

Registration for summer schools is open!

Applications for online Summer Schools are now open! Two weeks of spoken Latin & Greek taught by our most experienced tutors. A great opportunity to learn or level up your classical languages in a small-class (no more than 5 students per 1 tutor) environment....

Note on language classes

Thank you all for the incredible wave of interest in our classes! To ensure the best quality for everyone, we are capping our current language classes at 8 and thus have to temporarily stop accepting new students for our language classes (our reading classes remain...

Trinity Term Classes are on!

Here we are, back to a new term. We hope that you are all well and ready to start again, wherever you are. We are pleased to announce that our classes will continue online, starting today, via Zoom. We have decided to increase our offering of language classes for beginners (tirones) and intermediate students (provectiores) to offer even more language support, and to introduce a new 'intermediate reading class', designed to help build up reading fluency (and featuring, among others, texts from the T&C Mods syllabus!).

Oxford Latinitas works to promote the study of Latin and Greek among people of all backgrounds by developing and applying cutting-edge pedagogical techniques based on the direct method, i.e. not just reading and writing, but also speaking and listening. This immersive approach, used in ancient, medieval, and Renaissance schools, allows us to maximize the language-learning potential of our brains to reach greater reading proficiency significantly faster, without sacrificing grammatical rigour. As a result, the method makes ancient texts accessible in their original languages to a much wider audience than the traditional translation-based method, which requires years of intensive schooling.

“I truly think that this project is the future of teaching Latin & Greek. It made my stay in Oxford memorable & enjoyable, & now, after Septimana, I feel that my Latin improved greatly!”


Oxford MPhil in Linguistics

“…the level of teaching, the enthusiasm of your fellow students, and love for humanity and antiquity is truly incredible.”


Oxford BA in Classics & Oriental Studies