Dies Latinitatis


We are delighted to invite everyone interested in the practice of spoken Latin to the study day Dies Latinitatis, which will be held at Saint John’s College, Oxford on Saturday February 16, from 12:30am to 6:30pm.

The aim of the day is to develop fluency in speaking (conversational, rhetorical and sung) and reading Latin. The day has been designed specially for Septimana Latina attendees, but all are welcome. There will be beginners groups for those who have a passive knowledge of Latin, and intermediate and advanced groups for those who already have experience speaking Latin.

Participation is free, but a nominal donation of £5 to help cover the running costs of the day would be very gratefully accepted. (If you are attending the Septimana Latina, please do not feel obliged to donate). 

Please register as soon as by emailing possible to confirm your places, as we have a limited number, and need to organise the groups. Please indicate your level and any previous experience of spoken Latin.

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