Registration for summer schools is open!

Applications for online Summer Schools are now open! Two weeks of spoken Latin & Greek taught by our most experienced tutors. A great opportunity to learn or level up your classical languages in a small-class (no more than 5 students per 1 tutor) environment. Latinists and Hellenists of all levels, backgrounds, and timezones welcome! There are scholarships available. More information here.

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  • Alexander Howard

    I have been approached by Oxford University’s Faculty of Classics with a flyer concerning Oxford’s Latinitas Summer School. In October, I will commence my MSt in Greek and/or Roman History with elementary Greek featuring as a major component of my course.

    I am not currently familiar with ancient Greek beyond recognising the alphabet and the sounds of letters. In terms of linguistic experience outside Greek, I studied French and Spanish for GCSE, French for A-Level, and basic Latin during my first year at university.

    While I would certainly be interested in being taught Ancient Greek before arrival, due to my prior lack of experience with this language, I am wondering if this course would be appropriate/feasible for me.

    Thank you!


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