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The Oxford Latinitas Project is registered as a society of the University of Oxford, and so enjoys the University’s status as a charitable organization. Alas! We do not, for all that, enjoy any University funding. We offer our many weekly activities and periodic conferences free of charge to students, professors, and the general public, but these have their costs, such as transport for teachers living outside of Oxford, printing and pedagogical materials, and rooms, fare, and other necessities at our events and conferences. What we do has only been possible thanks to the vision of generous patrons among our participants and members, as well as friends further afield.

We are dependent on your support to continue doing what we’re doing—and, crucially, to expand. We hope in particular to develop further our Ancient Greek programme, to provide more generous stipends for students wishing to attend our Septimana Latina, and to extend our outreach to schools in Britain and around the world. We are also early in the planning phases for establishing a brick-and-mortar institute in Oxford, a scholarly community where Latin and Ancient Greek are the languages of everyday life.

Like the great Maecenas of Classical Rome, or the grand Medici of Renaissance Florence, you, too, can play a significant and historic role in this thrilling renaissance of the humane letters in our time by supporting the OLP! If you are sympathetic to our cause, please consider supporting us with a donation, however small, either via PayPal or directly by wire transfer (see below for PayPal link and bank details). If you should have any questions, please get in touch with us at We’d love to hear from you!

Societas Oxoniensis Latinitatis inter Universitatis Oxoniensis societates numeratur ideoque ut Universitas ipsa lucrum non quaerit. Neque tamen, proh dolor, pecuniam ullam ab Universitate accipimus. Itaque cum sine mercede singulis hebdomadibus tot scholas, nonnumquam etiam conventus, discipulis, professoribus, populoque praebeamus, pecuniam ad itinera magistrorum Oxonii non habitantium, ad paginas imprimendas, ad conclavia conducenda, adque alia nobis ad fungendum necessaria solvere debemus. Quod quidem sine patronorum largitate et benevolentia, quorum alii sunt participes, alii socii nostri, alii autem e longinquo nobis favent, fieri nullo modo posset.

Auxilio igitur vestro nitimur ut inceptis in nostris pergamus et, quod maxime interest, fines nostros amplificemus. Speramus praesertim scholas nostras Grecas augere, plura stipendia discipulis “Septimanae Latinae” partem capere volentibus praebere, et cum Britanniae totiusque mundi scholis vincula fingere. Consilium est quoque nobis institutum Oxonii condendi ubi discipuli disciplinarumque humanarum studiosi vitam communem agere possint linguasque tum Latina tum Graeca vel in rebus cottididanis ahibere.

Quemadmodum Romae olim Maecenas, sive Florentiae clarissima illa Medicea gens, possis tu quoque huiusce littararum restitutionis partem haud parvam capere, nostram societatem iuvando! Si nostris inceptis forsitan foves, esto, quaesumus, auxilio nosque vel parvo dono pecuniario honesta. Potes uti methodo quae vulgo PayPal nominatur, sive pecuniam modis solitis transferre (vide infra). Si quae sint tibi roganda, scribas nobis ad, velimus enim ex te audire!

Bank details

Account name: Oxford Latinitas Society
Sort code: 30-96-35
Account Number: 89561068
Lloyds Bank (branch: Carfax Oxford).
IBAN: GB89 LOYD 3096 3589 5610 68